HackerHouse - ZKML

Date: 15th July 2023 - 24th July 2023 (9 days)

Location: Paris, France

If you have missed


Zuzalu Vibes

We bring them to Paris for YOU

Network state 🪩

but for hackers ?!

Hell’ya LFG !

In July, a worldwide group of developers, designers, creators, and thinkers will unite at 🤌 ETHCC to shape the decentralized future.

Large house For party

Free Accommodation

Central location in Paris

What events will happen?

Workshops & Sessions

Learn, exchange, and collaborate with experts and peers in your field.

Are we going to have fun? ( For sure )

Leisure & Networking

Activities designed for networking and bonding, with opportunities to meet hackers from other hacker house as well.

Chill hacker state background

Our Hacker State Includes...

Hack Zk by Lambda Class

Autonomous World gaming House

Sozu Haus


And no need to FOMO as we bring people together on hacker village gatherings.

Why ZKML ?


The flaws of Traditional Platforms

Machine learning developers can use bounty platforms to get rewarded for their solutions. However, these platforms often require full model disclosure for verification, which can expose their privacy and security.


The Solution of ZKML

ZKML is a new programming language that uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to verify private models with public data. ZKML also has many features that make machine learning easier and more accessible.


The Benefits of ZKML

ZKML offers verifiable, private, and efficient machine learning models. ZKML can also attract Web2 developers to the Web3 ecosystem, where they can enjoy the benefits of decentralized and distributed computing.

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